CF Image Hosting Script v1.65

CF Image Host is a free, simple and easy to use PHP Image hosting script, which aims to make it easy to setup and maintain a photo/image hosting/sharing site. With thumbnails and social bookmarking links generated for each image, sharing your images or photos across the web couldn't be made any easier.

Images of some of the themes

Features in CF Image Host:

  • dynamic sitemap(for Google,bing)
  • Multi-Language support
    • The user can now pick what languages to view the site in (if available) and the with the use of cookies it will remember the language of the users for the next visite.
  • Remote upload(Copy image from URL)
  • Report Image
  • Disable Upload
  • Private Image Upload
  • URL Shortener
  • Multiple Image Upload
  • RSS Feed 10 Newest images added
  • Image Search
  • Contact Page
  • Frequently asked questions page
  • No MySQL database needed
  • Supports JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF and PSD images.
  • Easy to customize themes.(css)
  • Auto-generated social bookmarking buttons for each image using
  • Validation of uploaded files by extension and mime type.
  • Easy to crawl links (with mod_rewrite support)
  • Public gallery for uploaded images
  • Easy web setup no need to edit files
  • Configurable Maximum upload image size
  • Image delete urls for user on image upload.
  • Resize Image on upload.
  • Admin area
    • Database auto backup
    • Disallow Duplicate Images
    • Forgot your password? feature
    • Better Bandwidth Tracking and limiting
    • Images which have not been viewed within (X)number of days are auto removed.
    • Image Counter.
    • Ban IP address from uploading
    • Option to put a text only watermark on the images when viewed from any other site then yours(hotlink).
    • Option to use your own URL Shortening(,,,, and yourls)
    • 'Edit image' feature for the admin to change the description/title and the image privacy settings

Admin Images

Online Demo

This hosted demo lets you view and explore the latest version of CF Image Host.
Experience CF Image Host from the users point of view, and see how easy it can be to upload and share image and photos. CF Image Host's admin (control) panel is not open for online demo but you can see images above.

Goto the online Demo.

Updating instructions :

Updating can be done in one of two ways.
  • 1) You can just copy all files from the zip file over the top of the old ones on your server. (this is not the best way as some of the old files may have been renamed or removed from this update and they would be left on your server)
  • 2) Remove all files and folders other then the UPLOAD & INC FOLDERS from your server, then upload the new files from the zip to your server.
Then just navigate to your site were the installer/updater script should run to check the file structure and setup any new settings.


Information:CF Image Host (1.65) Information Here
If you find any bugs please let me know or if you need any help please feel free to post a comment on the forum and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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